"Kristall-Therme" Spa Centre in Schwangau

Enjoy relaxing hours at the "Königliche Kristall-Therme" Spa Centre in Schwangau with view of "Neuschwanstein" Castle and the peaks of the Algovian Alps. The spa centre, providing a sauna area, really deserves its name "Kristall-Therme" (crystal spa) given that it is decorated with as many as fifteen tonnes of gemstones and semi-precious stones. You can enjoy a marvellously relaxing swim in various indoor and outdoor pools with a temperature varying from 32 C° to 36 C° and a salt concentration ranging from 2.5 % to 5.0 %.

Sauna Area

A sauna session will help you boost your immune system. The "Kristall-Therme" Spa Centre provides a wide range of saunas and steam rooms varying in temperature and humidity. So can choose the facility the climate of which suits you best.

Facilities for Wellbeing and Relaxation

If you would like to indulge yourself with a massage, pedicure or cosmetic treatment, you can choose from a wide range of treatments provided in the therapy and massage area of the "Königliche Kristall-Therme" Spa centre. You can book a treatment even without buying an entry ticket.


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